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We are a team of dynamic, ambitious people dedicated to make the world of trade, government and brand protection a just, lucrative and safer place.


Our Mission

We use our canny business sense, market knowledge, technological prowess to make the world more secure for its citizens.


Our Vision

We are becoming the leaders in Authentication and Governmental Strategy planning in the MENA region.

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Everyday customers and governments rely on our solutions to keep their products safe and their assets secured. Through our wide network of experts and international partners, Scopsis continually innovates to exude trust by developing reliable, secure, technologically advanced solutions and services for global identification, traceability and authentication.


Our experts are situated around the MENA region excelling all over the globe.

Keeping abreast of the latest regulations and updates from international government and international agencies like the WHO ensures that we consistently deliver the most advanced services aligned with any new regulations our clients need not have to worry about.

Our potential and existing clients love how we prove to be a close partner and care about them from the start. We recognize that being protected from fraud and illicit trading activities is a must for every entity and country. That is why we offer a complimentary consultation as a gift on the best way to move forward.

We pride ourselves not only with our technical prowess and international standards, but especially in how we offer the best advice for our clients or those hoping to be our clients. We set ourselves apart by sharing our advice and giving back.


Voice & Collaboration Services That will make you feel like you are in the same office.

Exportation and Growth Strategy

With Growth comes opposing perspectives: fear and expansion, danger and possibility, risk and opportunity. Our international consulting team of experts are sharp, savvy and agile in making sense of Scopsis’ insightful AI software to guide you, to plan and execute a worthwhile strategy from a range of lucrative possibilities, outlining potential risks and threats and designing…

Online Brand Protection Lebanon

Track and Trace

Globally and in our market, with everything being shifted online, this risk has skyrocketed with new competitors rapidly infiltrating the market. Brands are seeking protection especially digitally with the increase of online sales of ‘fake’ goods. Any mistake in brand protection or quality assurance can bankrupt any private company or cause enormous deficits in government revenues.

Online Brand Protection Lebanon

Governmental Revenue Protection

It has not only been a global issue but a critical concern to combat pirated goods. Illicit global trade costs governments billions of dollars in tax revenues and fees and cause an economic drain of almost $2.2 trillion – nearly 3% of the world’s economy according to UNCTAD article in 2019. Product trafficking, counterfeit, piracy and fraud have been falsely impacting security indicia …

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