Online Brand Protection Lebanon

Who are We?

We are a team of dynamic, ambitious people dedicated to make the world of trade, government and brand protection a just, lucrative and safer place.

Online Brand Protection Lebanon


Everyday customers and governments rely on our solutions to keep their products safe and their assets secured. Through our wide network of experts and international partners, Scopsis continually innovates to exude trust by developing reliable, secure, technologically advanced solutions and services for global identification, traceability and authentication.

Online Brand Protection Lebanon

Our Vision

We are becoming the leaders in Authentication and Governmental Strategy planning in the MENA region.

Our Mission

We use our canny business sense, market knowledge, technological prowess to make the world more secure for its citizens. We work assiduously with a resilient purpose to protect governments and brands against fraud, crime, and this is what motivates our people.

Always Thinking Ahead

In a world where illicit trafficking doesn’t sleep, we remain vigilant to keep abreast of the latest findings, technology by consistently upgrading our systems and honing our skills to stay ahead of counterintelligence. Striving for prevention is key because our clients are counting on this.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

At Scopsis, each person is his own entrepreneur serving or seen as “a company on his own”. Our business model allows us to function counting on each one of our own to challenge himself/herself and discover new ways to deliver our solutions more securely, more effectively and more efficiently, whilst complying with our business model, international regulations and standards and serving the Scopsis vision.

Online Brand Protection Lebanon


We care about our clients as we do our employees. Race, ethnicity and background are not determining factors in also choosing you as our clients or our employees. At SCOPSIS we care about you and what you can do.


Confidentially is a key component driving our business as this industry is critical and sensitive to the smallest of factors. We are diligently working behind the scenes in an ongoing battle fighting fraud and terrorism to protect you, your family and your country out of harm’s way. In order to stay ahead, our actions speak louder than our words keeping our clients’ situation and our methods in discretion.

Our Policies

Our policies promote ethical behavior and sustainability in the way we conduct our business. Scopsis policies set high standards and esteemed behavior amongst our employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. Our code of conduct and ethics is key to maintaining good business relations and being recognized as a trusted partner and employer. Specific policies on anti-corruption and fair competition have been promulgated to provide clear expectations. We strive to set the example of the highest ethical standard and integrity in our marketplace; acting as a benchmark in the spirit of respectful entrepreneurship.